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On the left is a photo showing Hanover Square residents enjoying the 4th of July weekend.

CLICK HERE to see some photos of some of the residents who have made Hanover Square look better by landscaping their yards. More will be added soon


B/W Space photo Color Space Photo Color Space Photo


To the left are photographs of our community as seen from space.

The black & white photograph was taken by the United States Geological
Survey satellite on March 31, 1994.

The center photo was taken in 2000 by Global Explorer.

Photo on right taken July 1st 2010  Click photo to see them in larger size.


To the left are photographs of our community as seen from the air and of the Pilots who took
Tom up to get them AT NO COST!

These photos were taken on May 26, 2002 at about 11:40am.

Thanks to resident Rick Z. for getting Tom in touch with Pilots Mike Shoop and
Don Johnson so he could take these photos. And thank you Mike and Don for the GREAT flight!

For more info and photos, click on AIR SHOTS BUTTON to the left top of page

1309 in this shot. Isn't a nice clean well maintained yard just make you enjoy a great day like this even more?

Here is a BEAUTIFULLY done yard by 1314

Another very nice looking yard by 1315. You can tell this person cares about his unit and what it looks like from the outside

Oh how good the GREEN GREEN grass looks in this shot

Neighborhood kids enjoying a day out in the sun





Dumpster fire by 1211 Kingsbury


No this photo shows better than any words can express,
THIS is why you DO NOT toss your grill coals into the dumpster!

1302       Snowman
7606 1308     7605
Here are just a few of the MANY great holiday decorations that were done in the complex in December of 2001

Mr. Dembowski volunteering
Chris Dembowski is seen here volunteering to help trim trees in the neighborhood.

February 2002


Here we have Rick Z. standing outside his unit
enjoying a nice summer day



The Clean up kids!
Here is a photo of a few neighborhood children who ASKED to help glean up garbage along Kingsbury in February of 2002


Very interesting weather shot here. This photo was taken in June of 1996 during a severe lighting storm.

In the photo is the 7605 building (left) and 7604 building (right). The bright spot in the center is when the lighting struck the light pole between the buildings. No damage was caused in this storm.

Photo by Tom Schaefer

Storm in June 96

Rainbow by 7602 - 7603
on Mother's Day 2004
Rainbow over 7604 During storm 2003


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