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Dec 7th
New Bike path
While at the village meeting yesterday, I happen to see some pictures showing the proposed layout of the new bike path that will be just north of out complex running east / west along the open field.
In case you are not aware, that open field is land belonging to Nicor because a main natural gas line runs underneath it.
Below it the an aerial shot of the land with the buried pipeline and proposed bike path dawn in. Click on the photo so see it larger.

Dec 5th
Our first snowfall
Overnight we had our first snowfall of the season. And I have to say I'm fairly happy, not only with seeing that the snow crews were out at 5am, and still working at 8:30 am to clear sidewalks and drives,  But also in out residence. MANY MANY people moved their vehicles so that the plows could get the job done!
Remember, If you don't move your car, your drive, and possibly those next to you, WILL NOT get plowed. They WILL NOT risk damage to vehicles by plowing next to or between them. If you don't move your vehicle it will be up to you to shovel your own drive.

Also remember that snow removal is NOT done until there is at least 2 inches or more of snowfall on ground, and will not get done until snow stops.

PLEASE have a look at the WINTER REMINDERS page by clicking here.

Nov 26th
7601 / 7602 light poles
Well we are one step closer. at least one of the poles HAVE been rewired and wire run to the transformer.
Now just to get Comed to work with us and out electrical contractor to once again open it up so our contractor can connect them.


Nov 19th
New Newsletter !
Well its been a LONG LONG time But we are proud to say, that the newest edition of the Hanover Square newsletter is available for download NOW on the Download page CLICK HERE , and I have personally printed , stapled and delivered them door to door.  a HUGE thank you to Larry Adrian for all his hard work on this and the time he spent putting it together, editing, reviewing ect.

Running your car in winter....
You may have in the past ran your car to warm it up in the winter while you went inside to stay warm. Well While thats sounds OK and wouldn't be a problem ...It actually is.
Hanover Square rules state ........
"No warming of vehicle inside of the garage.  All vehicles must be removed completely from the garage prior to warming of vehicle."

The Hanover Park Highlighter states ....
"Illinois Law prohibits any vehicle to be left unattended while it is running. This means that the engine must be turned off, the ignition locked, and the key removed. These requirements apply not only to public areas such as parking lots, but also to private areas including your own driveway. The law is designed to protect you and others against theft and tragedy."

Hanover Square must, and does follow both Illinois and Hanover PArk laws, and therefore can and will enforce it in Hanover Square as well.

Oct 19th
Gutters cleaned
Today our cutters on all 24 buildings were cleaned out in time for winter.
We do this every fall to cleanout leaves and crab apples that have gotten stuck in there over the summer.

Click on photo to see larger size

Oct 4th
Light Pole Replaced
The tall light pole by the driveway between the 1302 & 1303 garages has been replaced.
The old pole was bending and cracking after 30+ years so it was time to replace it before it decided to come down on its own.
Not only is the pole new, but we also added a third light fixture to it to help with lighting the area between the 1306 and 1307 units. It made more sense to add the light now as the pole was being replaced rather than wait till later and have an extra cost.
This is just one of many more lights that will be added to the complex in the future.
Click on photos to see larger size


Oct 19th
We CAN see the light
Well there has been a HUGE improvement in those turning on their lights since the new rule about having garage and porch lights on from dust till dawn has been put into place.

We have sent out 3 reminder notices, One in July, One in Aug, and the 3rd and last in Oct. And MANY MANY more lights are one now then there were before.

And not only has it helped, but I have had both officers and the chief of police comment to me about how much nicer it is with the lights on and how they thing it is a great idea and thank everyone for participating in this effort.

Well we have given MORE than enough time for people to comply to the new rule without fines. Rule went into effect in July, we have given everyone four months to change bulbs and get their lights working.

On Nov 1st the rule will officially be enforced and violations WILL be sent to those not complying and not turning on their porch and garage lights.

IF you have a problem that you can not get fixed before Nov 1st, You can contact Valerie Hodge at ACM Management and inform her of it. She will bring your issue to the board and we will determine if extra time can be granted, BUT it will be a SHORT TIME extension IF it is granted. Again we have given everyone 4 months to take care of this before we enforced this rule. It isn't like we haven't warned you far in advance.


Sept 12th
Cost of running a light bulb
It has been asked again about the cost of running a light bulb and how much this will effect your monthly bill.

So once again we are showing you the formula and average cost....

The electricity the lights used (especially if a florescent power saver type) is not a significant amount.

Here is what it costs to run a 100 what bulb for 24 hours....

100w bulb x 24 hours = 2400 watt hours, or 2.4 kWh. So using 2005's national avg for kWh, .0974, you get:

2.4 kWh * $0.0974 = $0.234

THUS, a single 100w bulb running for 24 hours would average $0.234, depending upon your cost per kWh.

Now cut that in half to 12 hours and it is only $0.117 for a 100 watt bulb.

Now cut that in half again for a 40 watt bulb for 12 hours is ... $0.0585

So leaving his 40 watt light bulb on for 12 hours a day for a month (30 days) is a total of.... $1.75 OR LESS



Aug 2nd
Stop Sign update.
Board president Tom Schaefer, Board member Larry Adrian and a few residents went to the village meeting on Aug 2nd to discuss the stop sign we were looking to have the village install on Kingsbury by Ranger park.
both sides discussed the pros and cons of both sides and we have come to an agreement.
While we are not getting a stop sign, We WILL be getting a flashing caution sign and the parking from corner moved back to allow better line of site for both pedestrians and drivers. This should make things much safer for those crossing to go to Ranger park now, And for the bike path when it is installed.

The village meeting was recorded, and We hope to post the recording here on our site soon.


Proposed Bike Path Project Public Info Meeting
The Village of Hanover Park will be holding a public information meeting regarding a proposed bike path project sponsored jointly by the Villages of Hanover Park and Schaumburg.  The meeting will be held Monday, August 13, 2007 in Room 214 of the Hanover Park Village Hall located at 2121 W. Lake Street in Hanover Park at 7pm.  The proposed bike path will be constructed primarily on the Natural Gas Pipeline (NGPL) easement and will run from Kingsbury Drive at the west end to Atcher Park at the east end.

The purpose of the public information meeting is to describe the project to adjacent property owners and to receive public comment.

Contact Village Engineer Bill Beckman at 630-372-4271 for further information.

Aug 7th

Citizens Police Academy
The Hanover Park Police Department, Park District and Lions Club will be hosting the National Night Out celebration Tuesday, August 7 from 5:00 to 7:30 p.m. at Ahlstrand Park (Walnut and Catalpa). 

The event will include:

*             Face Painting for the kids

*             Balloon Creations

*             Children’s Games

*             K9 demonstration

*             Free Hot Dogs courtesy of the Lions Club

*             And MORE!

 The Police Department hosts this event to foster better relationships with members of the community, to take a stand against crime, and to encourage residents to get to know their neighbors by spending an evening outdoors. The National Night Out Program was developed to help reduce neighborhood crime by encouraging residents to watch out for each other and themselves.

These festivities are geared for the entire family. 

For information regarding the National Night Out event, please contact Officer Terrence Sherrill of the Hanover Park Police Department at 630/372-4412 or

July 31st
Citizens Police Academy
The Hanover Park Police Department is now taking applications for its annual Citizens Police Academy.  Classes will be held at the Hanover Park Police Station every Monday night from 6:30 p.m. until 9:30 p.m. beginning Monday, September 17, 2007 through Monday, November 19, 2007.  The Citizens Police Academy is designed to give volunteer participants a first-hand look at the various aspects of police work.

The Citizens Police Academy is an opportunity for citizens to gain insight into the duties of police officers, while providing responsible citizens with comprehensive knowledge of police operations, practices and objectives.  Participants in the Academy learn how they can help keep the community crime free and become resources for improved community/police involvement.

Participants will gain in-depth knowledge about the criminal justice system, the operational guidelines of police agencies, ways to resist crime, and how to take appropriate security measures.  The Academy is taught by Hanover Park Police Officers.

Hanover Park residents interested in participating in the Citizens Police Academy must be at least twenty-one (21) years of age and will need to complete an application form and pass a criminal background check.  The Citizens Police Academy will be limited to twenty (20) participants per class and will culminate in a graduation ceremony. 

If you have any questions, need further information, or if you would like an application contact Terrence Sherrill at 630/372-4412.

uly 31st
Com-Ed Lighting Update
Well we FINALLY got Com-Ed out to the property. And we have at least ONE of the problems we had are fixed. All poles that were connected to the phase that was out are now working. We do have two bulbs burnt out, and are soon to be replaced.
As far as the two poles by 7601, Com-Ed was not able to get them working, So we will once again have to have our electrician come look at them, But at least now we are a step closer than we were before.

A HUGE THANK YOU to Com-Ed serviceman Fabian who was VERY helpful!



July 29th
Loitering and respect for others
We live in a area where we are all close to each other and this poses some unique issues.
It is summer, and yes people like to be out in the nice weather in the evening, But PLEASE, keep in mind, While 10pm, 11pm and so on might not be late fore some, It is for others, And noise carries and echoes between buildings. Please have respect for others and keep notice to a reasonable level after 9pm

Also, if you want to be out, PLEASE stay in front of YOUR unit, Do not hang out in front of other units. After all, Would you want people hanging out in front of your door at night? Also remember that Hanover Square is PRIVATE PROPERTY, this means the curfew here is set as 10pm as per our rule. The village curfew is enforceable on public property.

July 29th
YOUR Lights
Reminder, rules state that your porch light and outside garage light MUST be lit from dusk till dawn. This is a safety issue for the entire complex. Not only for people, but for your property as well.
Its a known fact that well lit areas are les prone to accidents and crime so its in all our best interest to help light up our areas. We are being very lenient on the rule now, giving everyone the time to replace bulbs or get their lights fixed if need be, but as fall roles closer we will start to enforce this rule as it will be getting darker longer.

Please, for your safety and others, put on your porch and garage lights at night till morning.

Click the photos below for larger view.

Here is a building with no garage lights on Here is one with 5 of 6 lights on

Which area do you think is safer?

July 29th
We have had A LOT of issues as of late with parking.

Just a reminder, You have 2 spots to park, YOUR garage, and YOUR PARKING SPACE ONLY!

If you park in a fire lane or any other space you could be fined and/or towed at YOUR EXPENSE!

IF you have permission to park in another space other than your own, you MUST have that unit owner send in a letter to the management office stating that they are giving you permission to park there and list what cars and their license plate numbers.

July 27th
Com-Ed issues
We have ONCE AGAIN complained to Com-Ed's customer service department and made it as clear as we can make it about how they NEED to get out here to fix these problems as it is an emergency as well as a sever safety issue.
We were once again given ticket numbers for these repairs ( this is like there work orders), but not given a date or time when they will be done.
As a result, We have contacted the police department AGAIN about this issue to get some help from the village, and have requested extra patrols in the area until there light issues are fixed by Com-Ed.

July 26th
Board elections
Tom Schaefer term on the board of directors was up for election this year. At the May meeting we did not have the required quorum to hold the election so it was rescheduled for the July meeting.
Village Trustee Toni Carter came to speak to the homeowners present about various village issues including the stop sign on Kingsbury and voiced her support for Tom, as well as relay the message that Hanover Park Mayor Rod Craig regrets he was unable to attend due to being out of town on village business but he also supports Tom Schaefer.
At this meeting we did had a quorum and elections were held.
There were two candidates running for the board, Tom Schaefer and Mary Kroske.  After all ballots were counted, Tom had the majority of the votes and retained his position on the board of directors.
Board agreed to keep all board members in the positions they currently hold.

We would like to thanks EVERYONE for taking the time to vote. This is your community and by voting your voice is heard.
This election we had the highest number of votes we have had in years! This is a positive step, as in the more we all get involved and work together, the better our neighborhood will be.

July 23rd
Lighting in Hanover Square
Tom and Valerie met up with Sgt Polin of the Hanover Park Police dept today at 9am to walk complex and go over lighting and safety issues. Several areas were identified as needing lighting and we will be getting bids for this work. These may include new poles and / or several new light heads added to existing poles. We also discussed the village helping us with issues we are having with Comed on the lighting.
Safety, crime and other issues we also talked about.
Later on today Tom got on a ladder and trimmed some branches around a few lights to help.
CLICK HERE to see the first draft of proposed new lights.


July 19th
Stop sign & Parking on Kingsbury
Tonight Board president Tom Schaefer attended the village meeting to voice his  thoughts and concerns about the villages stance on not adding a stop sign to Kingsbury by the Kingsbury entrance to Hanover Square.
Tom brought up once again the safety issue with children crossing Kingsbury to go to Ranger Park, The speeding on Kingsbury and children not being able to see the cars coming from the south, not the drivers heading north on Kingsbury not being able to see the kids on the corner.
The village trustees moved to table the issue till it can be looked at again.
Tom will be making maps of the area, taking photos, and other ideas to present to the trustees, Mayor, Manager and engineer of Hanover Park to try to convince them that a stop sigh ON KINGSBURY is a good idea and an important safety issue.

July 18th
Lake Hanover Square is no more!
At about 11pm, burring the storm and in the rain and lightning, Board president Tom Schaefer walked to the area between 1303 and 1304 Kingsbury to see if the new drain tile that was replaced last week in that area was doing what it was to be doing.
In the past water would be standing on the sidewalk ankle high. Well no more. The Drain tile is working as it should and no longer be a pond back there.

July 14th
Today, just 1/2 hour ago, we had a fire on the grounds in a dumpster. This fire was set by careless disposal of hot coals from grilling.
Luckily nothing other than the dumpster was damaged, and no one was hurt, but this could have EASILY been MUCH worse. Could have damaged homes, cars not to mention cause our insurance rates to go up. Which means higher association fees. And worse of all could have hurt or killed some one.

SO PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE douse your coals COMPLETELY with water, and makes sure they are completely out and cold BEFORE dumping them in dumpster. Any coasts incurred in repairing or replacing damaged property, as well as fines and legal fees can and may be levied against those found to be the cause of any fire.

July 13th
Bike path and cross walk in Kingsbury
During our meeting with the village today we learned of some exciting new plans the village is working on.

Anyone entering our complex off Kingsbury knows about the field to the north of our main drive, Well under this field is a Nicor gas line, and is not part of our complex. The village is in the works with Nicor and Schaumburg to make this fields a Bike path that will connect to the Busse Woods bike path. It will be landscaped and will make a great addition to the area. In addition, a stop sign may be added to Kingsbury and cross walk painted. As well as the parking moved back away from corner on Kingsbury. This will make things MUCH safer for children in Hanover Square to cross over to Ranger park.

July 13th
Board and manager meet with Village about roads
On July 13th at 9 am Property Manager Valerie Hodge, Association President Tom Schaefer, Boar members Bryna Shmidt and Larry Adrian met with Hanover Park Village Clerk Sherry Graig to have our first detailed discussion about village helping with many things in our complex bat mainly about the roads.
We talked about the SSA Program (Special Service Area) and how the village has worked with other complexes in the village and how it worked out with them, what was involved in doing it, How, why and how costs are figured out.
There are several things the village can help us out with that will help us get roads and other things done in our complex without us having to pay for it out of association funds which we don't have in the first place.
Next step is for putting together a list of items we need in the complex and getting that to the village so we can get a better more accurate coat analysis. After that is done, we can then make a decision on if this is something we want to pursue and move from there.
Board members will all discuss items we need done and talk about it as the July 26th meeting. Tom will be also drawing up a map of possible upgrades for complex IF we go forward with the SSA.

July 10th
New drainage done
the worst area in the complex for flooding and standing water should no longer have that honor as on July 10th our contractor has installed new drain tile in the area between 1303 and 1304 Kingsbury where water was regularly ankle deep in heavy rains. The old drain tile had collapsed and was not working at all, thus the need for the association to have this done.

Click photo for larger version

Aug 24th
MOVIE NIGHT! (tentative)
This was originally planned for July 21st, But due to scheduling conflicts, it had to be rescheduled for Aug 24th

Depending on weather and a few other factors, Hanover Square will have its FIRST FREE MOVIE NIGHT!
We will be showing "Star Wars A New Hope" on this night in the tot lot by the shed.
If all goes well, We may have characters From Star wars there for kids to meet and great, take photos with and maybe even some freebies :) .
A screen will be hung on shed and a projector used to show  the movie on it.
President Tom Schaefer will be giving out FREE MARSHMALLOWS for all who come, bring your own NON ALCOHOLIC drink and a chair or blanket and enjoy a movie with your kids outside in our complex :)
We are in need of some volunteers to help set up, and clean up after.


July 5th
More trees done
There a re fewer dead and dieing trees in Hanover square.  On July 5th you may have seen the tree trimmers out trimming dead limbs, taking down dead or dieing trees and removing stumps. Sadly last year or two many trees have dies or were dieing and had to be trimmed back or taken down altogether.  Hopefully this will not be a continuing trend.


June 19th
Hanover Park Mayor Rob Craig and Village trustee Toni Carter about Hanover Square President Tom Schaefer
On June 19th Hanover Park Mayor Rodney Craig personal dropped off a letter to Hanover Square President Tom Schaefer.

Below are a few excepts from that letter........

" of the Home Owner Association Presidents who continue to seek solutions to improve the quality of life in Hanover Park...."

"It is rewarding to see leaders like you step up and work to find ways to restore the Hanover Square properties."

"....look forward to working with you you to improve the quality of life in Hanover Park and within Hanover Square."


And here is what Village Trustee Toni Carter has to say.....

I am writing you today to endorse your current president, Tom Schaefer.  I met Tom earlier this year and I was positively impressed by his dedication to the people of Hanover SquareHe has extremely high aspirations for your community and I admire his perseverance. "

I have attentively chosen to endorse Tom, to continue to be apart of your associations Board of Director’s.  I truly believe his heart in the right place and that you could not ask for a more thoughtful, caring, considering director.  Please get out to vote on July 26th at the Hanover Square meeting, or send in your proxy ballot, and vote for Tom Schaefer.  I believe he is the person to keep Hanover Square on the Villages mind.


To see more CLICK HERE


June 13
Bristol lane (village street)
After a few weeks of work, The main street of Bristol lane, The VILLAGE street, not association  road, has been finished. Some new sections of curbs as well as resurfacing is done and smooth as can be!


June 12
Lighting, Roads and Landscaping updates :

Today the Landscapers were out and started trimming bushes. I noticed they missed quite a few of them so I have instructed Valerie to call them and have them return to finish the job correctly.

Valerie and I attended a meeting with the police department to discuss our involvement with the police sponsored lighting program.
The program is offered to areas where the village feels there are lighting issues and where lighting could do the most good as far as crime prevention. The program is a 50 /50 cost project. This means the village pays for 50% of the cost and we pay for 50% of the cost. Needless to say, saving 50% is a GOOD thing for us.
As in 2005, we opted to be a part of this program. This was the first meeting. We will have further meetings with the village, police dept and electrical contractors to discuss details as to where the light are needed and will do most good, as well as how many.
At this first meeting we also brought up our ongoing problem with ComEd and our two poles by 7601 & 7602. We also learned we are not the only place having issues of this kind with ComEd. Another complex also mentioned they are having the same problems.

We have a date set to meet \with the village to get further info and discuss the village helping us with our roads in the complex, as well as other possible items we need looking at. On July 18th Valerie, Bryna, Larry and I will all be there.
We will post details here after meeting.
Fingers crossed, This looks to be a very promising program for us.!


June 6
Painting of buildings
You may have noticed that the painters have been out in the complex painting. We have several building being painted this spring, and more being done next spring. Please make sure that if you get a notice on your front door about painting it that you are home or make arrangements for someone to be there so your door can be painted. If you can not PLEASE contact Valerie at ACM management so that other arrangements can be made.

Last year Hanover Square worked together with the village of Hanover Park to add 2 new light poles and several additional lighting heads on existing poles in the complex. And this year we will be doing the same. Board President Tom S, Vice President Bryna S, Property Manager Valerie Hodge will be attending a meeting with the village on this on June 13th to start the possess.
We will also be talking to the village AGAIN about putting some pressure on ComEd to work with us on getting the poles working again by 7601 and 7602. This has been a ongoing issue with Comed for almost two years and because of their lack of willingness to work with us we have been unable to get those two poles working.
On Wednesday night June 6, Tom walked property at about 9:30pm to note down where our complex needs lighting in preparation of the meeting. He also met with and updated security on property.

With the major issue of roofs finished we can concentrate harder on the next dig issue in our complex, the roads.
We have been working on gathering information on this issue for the last couple of years.
We have gotten and getting more bids from contractors for this project and are trying to figure out how to finance this. Needless to say this is a HUGE expense and we need to make sure we get the best deal and best quality for the money. We dont want to just jump into this without taking everything into consideration.
We have also talked to the village for help, and President Tom Schaefer be talking to the village on June 14th to get even more info. This will be the first of several meetings we will have with them. There is paperwork to do, surveys to be done, plans to be drawn up, financial issues to work out and so on. Its a slow but calculated possess to make sure we get everything we need done correctly and safely.
One way or the other, be assured we are making the roads the #1 issue we are working on right now. And we HOPE to have some resolution to this by the end of the year so we can get work started next spring.
Stay tuned for further update.

Yearly inspection
On June 4th we had planned to do our yearly property inspection. Due to rain, it has been rescheduled for June 12th.
All 3 board members and out Property manager will be walking entire property, inspecting buildings, trees, ect so we can address issues needed to be done.
We will also be making repair notices for units who need to repair or replace their windows, doors, and other items. Please note, these repair notices ARE NOT VIOLATIONS, they are only notices for you to fix issues that are home owner responsibility. If you get a notice, and have questions or concerns please contact Valerie at ACM management and we will work with you.

May 1
Dead trees, tree limbs and stumps have been removed. So many eye sores are now gone and less fear some dead limbs or trees will fall on units or people.
We are also putting these dead trees to good use. How, If you look by the concrete pad by the 7608 Bristol building you will see a huge pile of wood chips. These are free and for anyone to use in their yards where the bare dirt is. So feel free to come by and get some before its all gone. Not to worry, We will be getting more free wood chips in the near future so keep your eye open and get yours!


No board? What would happen?
In an article By Condo lawyer Mark Pearlstein he talks about just that. Below is an excerpt of the article .....

"Q. I am an owner in a condo association where I have lived for 10 years. We had a board that did a fantastic job. The directors held meetings four times a year, completed many improvements and were always active. They were hard-working and dedicated, but they grew tired of the beating their heads against a wall for owners who did not appreciate the effort.

Now those who complained have the opportunity to run for the board, but we have no volunteers.

What happens when an association does not have a board? Will the state take over? I am very concerned.

A. You should be concerned. A condo association cannot operate without a board. If owners do not volunteer to serve on the board, there are two alternatives: The property ceases to be a condominium by a vote of the ownership or a court will appoint an individual to run the property.

Condos also are subject to the Illinois Not-for-Profit Corporation Act. Section 112.50 of that permits a court to dissolve a corporation if it is unable to carry out its purposes. A non-profit condo association with no directors cannot function. If asked by an owner, the court may appoint a receiver or custodian who will exercise the powers of the directors. In that case, association members will have to pay from their assessments the fees of the receiver or custodian, the attorney for the receiver and possibly a management firm.

The complaints and apathy of the ownership will cost equity in the units or higher assessments to pay for a third party to operate the association"


April 11th
Pitsenbarger, Husband of Larkspur President, Shirley Pitsenbarger begins treatment. He has been diagnosed with Mesothelioma which is a stage 4 liver cancer known to be cause by Asbestos.
He starts chemotherapy on Monday April 16th.
Please visit the
Caringbridge page (CLICK HERE) that has been set up for him for more details and updates.


April 10th
On April 10th, the curbs have started to be painted. Its been a while since they have been done, and honestly will look much better once they are all finished.

On April 17th you have a voice in local government, There are several positions be voted on, Several trustee positions and Village President (Mayor)
Here are the links to both parties websites, Read and vote as you feel is best for yourself and the village.



Shopping Carts !!
There have been SEVERAL shopping carts brought onto the property in the last couple of months. We can not have this. Not only is it an eye sore in our complex, but it cases both us and the stores money, and most of all can cause damage to cars.
PLEASE DO NOT BRING shopping carts into our complex. If you see someone doing so PLEASE report it to us ASAP by turning it in on the violation page CLICK HERE. We will not give out your name or unit for reporting it to anyone unless you want it to be.
But without everyone's help problems like this will keep occurring.


March / April

Over the last couple of weekends all the LARGE major pot holes have been filled. We realize that this is just a temporary fix.
We are both getting bids from blacktop companies, and talking with the village as well, and once we have all facts in hand we will have a better idea of what we can do and how much it will cost.


January 13th

While driving through complex, cleaning dumpsters and tossing items INTO dumpster that others left on ground, I noticed a resident of the 7602 building doing some clean up in their yard and by area next to garage. WOW! I can not tell you how much I enjoy seeing this type of thing.
This is all OUR neighbor hood, and we should all have pride in it. When I see someone take the effort to make the area look better it gives me reassurance that the neighbor hood will continue its move forward and improvements worth the struggle.
On another note, I had gotten a few bags of filler for the pot holes so when the weather warmed up a bit I could patch the larger pot holes like I did in October. There was one major one I was concerned about on the Bristol drive specifically. Well on my way to my job the other day I noticed it had been filled. I didn't do it, I know I hadn't authorized it to be done by any contractor. So I called Valery at ACM and asked her if she knew anything about it. She did not as well. So needless to say we have someone in the neighbor hood who is also working to help make this a better place.
So, to that person, I SAY THANK YOU! If you read this please email me, I would like to talk to you about it. :) I have an Idea who it was, just need to confirm it.


January 6th

License Plate Sticker theft !!
There have been reports of the stickers from license plate being stolen. PLEASE be careful, be observant and if your sticker is stolen PLEASE REPORT IT TO THE POLICE DEPT AND TO ASSOCIATION! If you notify the association, we can then tell tow company not to tow that vehicle. But you MUST provide association  proof of valid registration for us to be that.

Remember, one of the association rules is that all vehicle must be properly registered. If the tow company patrols and finds a car without a sticker, it could get towed. Tow company not association can know if it was stolen or just not registered.

While we can  not stop this crime of sticker theft there are things you can do to make it harder for anyone to steal your sticker, and avoid your vehicle from being towed.
When you get your new sticker follow these steps.....

1. Remove all old stickers ... This alone will help. The stickers are thin. but when stacked up there is a better cance they can remove it in one piece.

2. clean the area where the sticker goes well .. Remove all dirt and so one. the cleaner it is the better sticker will stick.

3. Once your new sticker is on plate, use a sharp new razor blade and carefully score the sticker several times both left to right and up and down. ... his will make your 1 sticker into several tiny ones. If anyone tries to steal it they will only get small pieces which are useless.


January 4th

Sign repaired!
The new street sign by the entrance off Kingsbury that was only up for about a month before someone bent it over, has again been repaired. Hopefully no one will hit it again.

January 3rd

Cable removed
Comcast had laid a new cable for one of the units and the genius decided to run it over not 1, not 2 not 3 but ran it over 4 sidewalks where people could trip. Needless to say, the cable was removed.
If you see Comcast do anything like this by your building, PLEASE let us know so we can take care of it.


January 1st

Another year has passed and I am happy to say things have improved over the past 12 months. A quick review .....
1. Roofs on ALL 144 units have been replaced and upgraded! NOT one leak or ice dam has been reported! Its amazing what replacing rotting, 32 year old roofs can do.
2. Swings repaired in Tot Lot. Thanks to Tom Schaefer and another resident who donated their time and $ to do this.
3. Many Sidewalks raised. Any sidewalks that had sunk over the years were mud jacked to correct the problem of standing water. There are many more that need to be done, and more will be done in the spring.
4. All but 2 light poles repaired and working! And 2 NEW poles installed as well as a few new light heads on existing poles. We also got 2 new street lights installed on Kingsbury. Now to continue the fight with ComEd to get the last two working.
5. New Street signs installed. Yep, all 4 signs have been replaced and installed. Unfortunately, less than a month after they were, 1 was damaged. But will be repaired very soon.
6. Insurance costs have come down, BUT are still higher than most associations as we are STILL on risk insurance due to the fires in the past. Plans are to use the money saved here in the driveway project.
7. Some pot holes have been filled, and more will soon. And board is still working on ideas for redoing all drives. More to come on this issue soon.
8. Face brick on several buildings was replaced, and more will be done this year as well.
9. New management company hired. After Horizon canceled our contract we were forced to look for a new management company. And as it happened, Valerie also left Horizon and went with the came company we hired. While cost did increase, we believe the level of service is much improved.
10. Several dead trees and stumps were removed. There are still more that need to be done, and we will get those sometime this summer.




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