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Last Updated on   Thursday, February 10, 2011

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Feb 2011

As you know we recently had a very large snow storm that was the 3rd largest snow storm in IL history. We recieved over 20 inches of snow in a 24 hour time frame.

When this amount of snow hits it is very hard to get it all taken care of very quickly. And without cooperation from residents it is also hard for the snow removal crew to do their job to the best of their ability.

Please remember, the snow removal company we hire does not work for us alone. They have many accounts and when it snows sometimes we will be first, sometimes last and sometimes in between. We ask you please be patient.

It is also very important that when it does snow, that you move your vehicles after the main drives are plowed. If you don't move your vehicle then the crews can not plow your driveways.

Also please remember this storm is costing us A LOT. Like everyone else, this was a lot of work and a lot of extra time and costs. and with the cold things may be slick, So run to the store and pick of a bag of salt. It will help you and the association a lot if we all do our little parts to help.