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Fees that are due at the first of each month. Used for all areas of running the association. 

Board of Directors
The people you elected to maintain and run the homeowner's association.

Company hired by your board of directors to handle the day to day task of running the association.

Anyone with a stake in Hanover Square Condominium Association. IE: Owners or Renters

Any action that does not follow the rules or bi-laws of Hanover Square.

Notice of Violation
This is the letter you receive notifying you of a violation that your unit has gotten. THIS IS NOT SAYING YOU ARE FINED.  It is letting you know that a violation has occurred and that you have the right to respond to before, or attend the meeting date as stated on the notice.
Fines are only assessed after the board has met, discussed them, and have determined if they are fineable. 

Fees that are incurred when a violation of the rules and regulations or bi-laws had happened.


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