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On this section of the web site we will try to provide information about what you may need to know when doing home improvements to your unit.

Certain improvements to your unit will need to meet the guidelines of the association and must be approved BEFORE work is done. To obtain approval you must fill out an "Hanover Square ACR Application" (formally ACC ap). Also Some improvements MUST have permits obtained by the village. You can get these by either contacting American Community Property Management or by downloading them from the DOWNLOADS section of this web site. If you are unsure if an improvement you are planning to do needs board approval or a village permit, please contact American Community Property Management and speak with Valerie.
Also Some improvements MUST have permits obtained by the village. 

If improvements are done without board approval and do not meet the guidelines set forth the board may ask that you make changes to meet the guidelines. To avoid this and possible extra costs PLEASE GET APPROVAL BEFORE YOU DO ANY WORK

A few examples of improvements that will need board approval and/or village permits are

  • Doors and windows (permit needed from village)

  • Storm doors & windows

  • Central Air Conditioning (permit needed from village)

  • Garage doors

  • Water heater / heating replacement  (permit needed from village)

  • Major electrical or structural work (permit needed from village)

  • Porch lights

  • Mail boxes

  • Landscaping

American Community  MANAGEMENT
1908 Wright Blvd
Schaumburg, IL  60193
Phone: 847 301 1133
Fax:  847 301 7472  
   valerie @ acmweb . com

Doors and windows are the responsibility of the unit owner. This means that if a door or window needs repair or replacement is the unit owner who is responsible for the work needed. All doors and windows must be constructed with a no-maintenance surface on the outside (i.e. no exposed wood).

Exterior doors must be white with a maintenance free surface on the outside.
Acceptable styles are shown below.

(click to see a larger view)

6 panel with no windows 6 panel with 2 small windows at top 6 panel with half moon window at top


Windows must be white, double hung, windows. They must be the same size as existing windows and must also have screens and/or storm windows. See example below
We highly suggest getting double or triple pain glass windows. Especially if your windows face either east or west. They will help reduce your heating and cooling costs.
In 1988 Hanover Square had a special assessment and replaced all the double front windows in all the units. If you still have these windows and need parts for them to repair the windows or screens here is where you can purchase them.
Casco Industries
540 W. Division St.
So. Elgin, IL 60177

Double Hung Style window


Storm Doors Must be white, "Dutch" style , with the lower half being either 2 panels, cross buck (triangles) or plain. Examples below.
They must also have a working closure installed.

We highly suggest buying a higher quality storm door with a solid core. Yes they cost more but they last much longer. Below are examples of the style that are allowed. (click to see a larger view)

PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE, if you replace your storm door, Replace it with the same style as your neighbors door. We need to keep everything looking as uniform as possible

Plain Cross buck Traditional


Storm windows must also be white and be double or triple track They must also cover the entire window.

Garage doors must be white, FLUSH style. Consisting of 4 panels.

Mail Boxes Must be black, horizontal "city style", Wall mount.


Porch lights must be black and match existing light as close as possible

Landscaping: Few simple rules... No fruits or vegetables can be planted. Any flowers planted must be removed from bed end of fall. Bushes may be planted, but PLEASE contact management BEFORE you buy of plant them.

Garage doors: Must be same size as original. Must be White, Metal and FLAT. No raised or recessed panels, no wood, no windows.
Padlocks are NOT ALLOWED.

Garage & Porch lights: Must be on from dusk till dawn. Contrary to popular belief, the cost of running a light is not as expensive as many think.
An regular incandescent 60w bulb costs an average of .02 cents per hour to run. A 100w florescent bulb costs about .009 cents. That's less than 1 cent a hour!
So for an average of 8 hours a day for 30days ...
60w incandescent = $4.80 per month
100W florescent = $2.16 per month


You can see get energy usage information on the following web sites...




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