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Here are a few photographs of the area from BEFORE Hanover Square was built.

Corner of Barrington & Irving Park in 1958

Corner of Barrington & Irving Park in 1966

Corner of Barrington & Irving Park in 1970.
 Note Tradewinds shopping center.


Corner of Barrington & Irving Park in 1974. Note Hanover Square is finished and about 1/2 of Larkspur
You can also see the now gone Tradewinds center..
Latest satellite view taken on July 1st 2010
This will be last photo with the old roads in Hanover Square, and also shows newly completed Bike path, and New Manards


Corner of Irving Park and Cumberland in 1974. Note Irving is 2 lanes and there are no traffic signals on this corner.

Corner of Irving Park and Barrington in the 1950s

Hanover Square was built in 1972 by the 3H Building Corporation. Below are pages from the original marketing brochures from February 1972

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Cover page Price sheet Options
Q & A Page 1 Q & A Page 2
Building layout A & F Floor Plan B, C, D, & E Floor Plan


The base prices for the A & F Units  in 1972 was  $18,990 and the
B, C, D & E Units were  $22,490

Today the  A & F Units are selling in the upper $120s and the
B, C, D & E Units in the upper  $150,000s

You may have noticed that across from Ultra Foods there are 2 buildings that look like ours in the Larkspur complex. These were the original models for Hanover Square which was originally to have a total of 64 buildings for a total of 384 units.
After completion of phase one construction, which is Hanover Square as we know it now, the 3H Building Corporation went bankrupt and the rest of the land, which is now Larkspur, was sold to another developer. Below is a map of what Hanover Square ORIGINALLY was to look like. 

Original Hanover Square Plan Map (1972)


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